Anton Barand in Brief Edit

Anton was originally from Eaglecrest, but left the Empire after a bit of controversy concerning the use of enchantments in politics. Afterwards he was far more careful, and quickly rose through the ranks of the Wizard's Guild until he became Guildmaster six years ago. Anton is a slim nondescript man with blue-green eyes and brown hair beginning to thin and grey. He wears a cloak of charisma when expecting visitors. He tends to wear bright colors-others whisper to make himself more memorable. He is a powerful mage and a student of architecture-Saint Korin is a wonderful place for him to explore his hobby. He is somewhat self-centered and frustrated-he knows that with his lack of personal charisma he has most likely reached the pinnacle of his career. He would like to accomplish something important to advance his career, but is not willing to take the necessary risks. When interacting with those he perceives as inferiors he is imperious and proud, with his superiors he is very apologetic and fawning. Due to his fascination with architecture, he knows the old sewers and secret entrances to places that often the rightful owners are unaware of. He is intelligent and prides himself on his knowledge, and becomes furious when someone proves him wrong.

Anton Barand in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edit

(LE male human wizard enchanter 5/master specialist 10/archmage 2) Master of Wizards

Banned schools Evocation and Necromancy.

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