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Herac Daran in Brief[]

Herac is a native of Saint Korin who adventured mostly in Essenon before retiring and being elected Guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild twelve years ago. She is muscular and tough, built for power more than speed. Her red hair is mostly grey and she has greenish grey eyes. She dresses mostly in dark green, practical clothing that will not hinder her movements. Herac is wise and charismatic, and in addition to her combat abilities she is a capable diplomat. She values hard work and has little respect for those who disrespect adventurers. She wants to increase the stature of adventurers and is moving towards being elected to the House of Guilds. In personal dealings she is direct but diplomatic. She prefers to listen more than she speaks, asking probing questions that often lead people into revealing more than they had planned. In addition to being a valuable ally, she knows a lot about the city and its history. One unusual trait that she has is a love of cats-the guildhall now has a large collection of semi-permanent strays.

Herac Daran in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5[]

LG female dwarf warblade 12) Master of Adventurers