Tan'jhin invades the Golden Empire. With the Crystal Eagle his forces are unstoppable. His forces nearly destroy the Sea Elves as Eoghan throws his people into suicidal attacks on Tan'jhin's fleets until led by Dakyaer they rebel. Finally the gods themselves intervene. The Gods in Corylak shatter the Crystal Eagle and scatter it through Corylak, destroy much of Tan'jhin's home country in northern Dracis turning it into the Desert of Sorrows, and are preparing to destroy humanity itself when the Gods Above join the fight. The two sides pit their divine powers against each other and the very earth twists in agony as reality itself begins to unravel. The Ancients choose to stop the war before Corylak is damaged. Arcane, Azan, and Eon appear and force an end to hostilities. The Great Compact is created at this time, ruling over divine actions in Corylak from that point on.

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